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It’s our beliefs that
guide us.

We make Brand Belief

Brand Belief is your brand’s take on the world—its view of what would make the world a little better and how your brand will achieve it. Communicating that belief clearly—both verbally and visually—can be a challenge. That’s where BLVR comes in. We unlock that belief and transform it into powerful verbal and visual stories that resonate and connect with your audience. We combine strong strategic thinking, powerful storytelling, and best-in-class design to create engaging, memorable brand experiences.

Our Services

Brand Audit

Using our holistic checkpoint system we are able to deep dive into your business to diagnose issues, recommend solutions, look for future red flags, and uncover opportunities for growth.

Brand Strategy

We lead strategic ideation and workshops across a wide range of topics, including brand development, personal audience segmentation, customer experience, and stakeholder engagement.

Brand Identity

As brand experts, we'll work with you all the way from brand inception to established brand refreshes. We'll help tell your unique story, create a new name, and design a scalable brand identity and art direction to position your brand for success.

Product Development

We drive every phase of product development, from future-trend identification, to new-product inception, to existing product innovation and stretch.

Web Design & Development

We build engaging online sales and marketing web solutions that drive user engagement and conversions. We lead digital execution through every stage, from strategic ideation to UX, design, and development.

Marketing Communications

Using digital and traditional marketing channels, we help you identify, engage, and build relationships with your customers. Our data-driven strategies and techniques boost consumer engagement, raise brand visibility, and drive conversions (ROI).

The BLVR difference

After a decade of building communication solutions for our clients, we’ve learned a simple truth—passionate beliefs fuel strong brands. It’s why we developed our Brand Belief philosophy. By getting to the core of your brand’s purpose, we can move beyond product features and benefits, and position your brand to build deeper emotional relationships that connect to the heart. BLVR are experts at making Brand Belief with the power to inspire trust, loyalty, evangelism, and growth.

We believe all great brands:


Are Driven By
Their Beliefs

A fundamental element of all great companies is a central ideology—core values and a sense of purpose beyond just making money. Strong beliefs attract consumers who share those values. For consumers, what you believe is usually more important than what you make or sell. Belief-led brands inspire deeper emotional engagement among customers and more impassioned commitment among employees.


appeal to the

Simply put, people buy based on feelings, not facts. Great brands know that creating a deeper connection requires moving beyond functional benefits and getting to the root of why people care—the badges of identity they want to wear and what pulls on their heartstrings. Appeal to the heart, and you’ll be able to win over customers' minds.


make the customer
the hero

It’s natural for marketers to start from their own viewpoint when developing their brand stories. We often hear clients say, “I have a revolutionary product, and it’s going to be great,” but one key element is missing—the customers. They are your reason for existence and the people you live to serve. The surest way to embed your brand into their minds and, most importantly, their hearts, is to build their needs, problems, and insights into the core of your brand story.


disrupt the

In a world of followers, “me-too” offerings, and traditional marketing ploys, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. By challenging the conventions that shape the standard approach to business, disruptors identify new white space that allows them to be distinct and redefine the market. From new business models to communication platforms, disruptive thinking allows your brand to stand out and connect quickly.

Making Brand Belief Success

Your Brand Belief is how you live and breathe through your entire experience. BLVR’s four-step process, crafted from working with hundreds of clients, utilizes tried-and-tested strategic and creative techniques that unlock opportunities to build brand and business success.


Defining Opportunities/
Discovering Your Hero


The Course





DREAMERS, THINKERS, Explorers, Makers

We are a ragtag group of storytellers, strategists, writers, artists, innovators, and developers who have a shared passion for building disruptive and enduring brands. We hail from different countries, states, and towns, big and small, yet we’re all drawn together by a love for building purposeful brands. The people who make up BLVR bring years of experience, passion, and drive to each project—creating the most innovative ways to maximize your organization’s visibility, credibility, and ROI.

Partner / CEO

Scott Seton Hancock

Scott guides BLVR’s overall vision and strategic direction. With an intense passion for getting to the heart of a brand, he delights in helping organizations live their Brand Belief through authentic behaviors, thus strengthening their power to inspire brand trust, loyalty, evangelism, and growth. Previously, Scott founded Risen Magazine, a nationally distributed pop-culture publication, as well as The Glue Network, a global cause-marketing platform. When not in the office, Scott is adventuring with his family, taking photos or developing a new recipe in the kitchen.

Partner / COO

Adam McWethy

Adam leads BLVR’s day-to-day operations and is responsible for the financial affairs of the company. He takes great satisfaction in ensuring that the BLVR team executes at a high level to ensure positive outcomes for every client. Adam is passionate about making a difference in the world and serves on the board of Youth For Christ San Diego.

VP Brand Development

Lenya McGrath

Lenya leads brand development at BLVR and is well-versed in finding human truths, developing brand stories, and designing communication strategies. She honed her craft working on global brands like Procter & Gamble, PlayStation, and Canon at leading agencies, including Saatchi & Saatchi and Leo Burnett. A master of both strategy and creativity, her work has been honored by the Effie Awards and the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Partner / Digital Design Director

Todd McWethy

Leading BLVR’s digital team, Todd helps elevate brands with tactics based on strategy, fueled by creativity, and inspired by people. Motivated and driven by art, Todd uses design to solve business challenges. He implements digital strategies that help clients become more competitive and profitable.

Brand Identity Director

Damin Sterling

With two decades of award-winning design experience, Damin spearheads brand identity for BLVR. He is passionate about conceptualizing and designing ways for brands to communicate to their constituents visually. He has developed inspiring identities for brands such as Vessel, Switchfoot, and 31 Bits, to name a few.

Lead Developer

Eric Johnson

Eric is an expert web developer and development team leader. He is driven to create meaningful web experiences that delight users and solve client problems. He has extensive knowledge of all web-based programming languages, with a focus on LAMP stack, Magento, and WordPress. His experience ranges from building custom back-end solutions to implementing existing front-end technologies—all while learning and applying new techniques.

Our Clients