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15 Years of Brand Identity: A Look At San Diego Projects

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It’s hard to believe we are fast approaching our 15-year anniversary here at BLVR. As the agency’s first official employee, I have many fond memories of our company’s growth – everything from being offered cookies by our owners’ mom during my initial job interview (it should be noted the interview was at her house!) and laying floor tiles in our first 300-square-foot office space in Old Town, all the way to winning at this year’s ADDYS.

It’s been a wild ride, but one thing’s remained constant throughout the last decade and a half: our passion for doing good work that elevates and impacts lives in our community. As I reminisce, I’m reminded of the amazing businesses and organizations we have had the opportunity to partner with.

Here’s a look at three of my favorite brand San Diego brand identity projects.

San Diego Housing Commission
Started in 1979, the SDHC is an award-winning public agency dedicated to preserving and increasing affordable housing within the City of San Diego. The organization offers affordable housing programs and services that stimulate the local economy, revitalize neighborhoods, and help improve the lives of more than 125,000 San Diegans annually.

In 2009, we had the opportunity to rebrand the SDHC including brand identity, art direction, business materials, marketing and collateral, web design and a brand style guide. These materials elevated the organization from being just one organization amidst other housing organizations, to one with unique character and promise – creating an emotional resonance in the minds of potential organizational partners, clients, and more.

Logo design for San Diego housing commission
Re-designed business cards for San Diego Housing Commission

San Diego Diplomacy Council
The SDDC builds global relationships by arranging professional, educational and cultural exchanges. They connect community and business leaders in the San Diego region with their counterparts around the world to address common challenges including citizen safety, economic opportunity, social justice and environmental sustainability.

In 2009, we created a new brand identity, art direction, marketing and business collateral, and web design, that was in line with their organization’s brand story and the wonderful work they were doing in the community and beyond.

graphic design, san diego diplomacy council

San Diego Christian Film Festival
Committed to the highest quality productions in the film industry, The San Diego Christian Film Festival is changing the face of film with better stories, exceptional productions, and family-friendly movies the entire world can watch. The festival showcases projects centered on strong character-driven stories with powerful and lasting messages.

We partnered with The San Diego Christian Film Festival in 2010 to create a new identity and art direction for the Festival. This was implemented into festival collateral including brochures, flyers, posters and more.

graphic design, logo design for san diego christian film festival

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