Be Generous

We believe in the
power of generosity.

At The Heart of BLVR

At BLVR, we’re passionate about using our business to help make a difference in the world. We accomplish this by selecting one humanitarian nonprofit each year and dedicating 10% of our profit to help fund their incredible work. We give an additional 10% of our profit to help support a handful of local nonprofit partners in the form of cash donations, volunteering, and pro bono services.

BLVR + Love Does

This year, we have partnered with Love Does, an extraordinary organization that brings light and joy to the world by fighting for human rights and providing education to children in conflict zones. Our donation helps fund college scholarships for students in Northern Uganda through the Love Does Launch Program. Although very inexpensive compared to a college degree in the U.S., $700 a year is out of reach for most students in Uganda, especially when they still need to pay for living expenses on top of that. By providing full scholarships to motivated students, we get to help them accomplish their dreams and become educated leaders with the greatest chance of helping shape the future of Uganda and our world.

Due to Covid-19, we have also designated funds to help support teachers at the Love Does Restore Leadership Academy who have been hard at work to create a distance learning plan and curriculum so that students can continue to learn for the longevity of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Meet our scholarship recipients:
Certified B Corporation

Business For Good

In 2020, BLVR reached a major milestone by completing all the requirements to become a Certified B Corporation. The certification means that BLVR meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

By joining over 3,000 like-minded companies on a global scale, we are redefining the standards of ethical business practices and social responsibility—creating a positive impact in the lives of our team members and communities around the globe. B Corp Certification recognizes our purpose-driven efforts and reinforces our commitment to make a difference in the world.