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Brand Belief

Impactful brands aren’t successful because of the products they sell… their success and influence is the result of the beliefs they uphold.

What is Brand Belief?

Our beliefs guide us. They help formulate our convictions, our values, our code of ethics. They determine our response in the face of conflict and guide us in how we behave each day. Every human being has a set of beliefs that define what he or she does, and how he or she does it. The causes invested in, the dreams pursued, the value seen in others. Brands are no different, at least they shouldn’t be.

Every brand that survives has an identity that delineates said brand from its competition. And any given brand is only as strong as the beliefs the brand lives by, the code of behaviors instilled in its employees. This collection of values is known as Brand Belief.

The most powerful brands have a strong Brand Belief. Because of their passion and clear direction, they draw both talent and customers. Why? Because they profess and live by a belief system others want to adopt. They recognize they aren’t selling a service or product; they’re selling identity and the only identities that sell are the ones people believe in.

Be Fueled by Passion

Strong branding requires more than hiring a talented creative agency or having stellar website design. The most powerful branding occurs when a business, fueled by a passionate calling, stands for something bigger…something that we find admirable. They have core values and a view of the world that inspire us not only to desire their product or service but also to want to adopt their beliefs. They have a strong sense of vision and act in a way that is different from other brands in their category. It’s not benefits like quality, best service, or the lowest prices that make us believers. When a brand possesses a real philosophy and purpose for why they exist, we are moved to join them. Strong brands inspire a level of devotion that eclipse product features and functions because they speak to the heart.

Know What You Believe

If you don’t know what you believe, you can’t expect others to believe in you.

Does your brand have a strong belief system? Do your employees know what that belief system is? What values and ideals set your brand apart from the rest of the pack? These questions are critical to brand development. When you clearly distinguish why your brand exists and what your brand stands for, you stand out from the competition.

Make sure your brand offers up a vision your team and your customers want. It’s not about selling something to them; it’s about offering them an identity they desire, one they make their own. Your Brand Belief must be something that matters to your customers, something that defines who they want to be.

Your brand is more than a logo or a creed. It is something that penetrates to the heart and soul of your customers. You must give them something worth believing in.

When your brand becomes an identity your customers desire, you have provided something your customers will adopt.

Clarity around your brand’s belief system is paramount to your brand’s success. When you know what you believe, your passions pour into your products and customer relationships. Only then will your customers become your advocates, your converts, your apostles.

Experience Something —> Life is Changed —> Tell Friends (Evangelize)

When people have an encounter with your brand, and something positive happens to them, the brand becomes a part of their identity. They put your brand’s sticker on their cars. They tell everyone at work about it. They become peer-to-peer evangelists on social media. They believe in something they didn’t know about before or understand before. As their revelation unfolds, they can’t help but share it with others. Their new belief runs through them.

Your brand has become their brand because your beliefs have become their beliefs.

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