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Brand Belief

Brand Belief

Post by: Lenya McGrath / 07.05.2017

Over the past decade, we’ve been blessed to work with hundreds of brands. As with every BLVR client, we kick-off our meetings by asking about where their business is at, the challenges they are facing, and why they are looking for our help. As the discussions waft over the room, our minds are mulling over questions like – what is their purpose? what is the problem they solve? what is their heart? And even more importantly… what’s their Brand Belief?

What is Brand Belief?
Brand Belief is your brand’s take on the world – its view of what would make the world a little better and how your brand will achieve it. It is at the very core of your company’s purpose, ingrained in your company values, manifested in your staff behaviors, guided by your product development and marketing approach. Your Brand Belief isn’t just about selling something, it is about standing for something bigger.

It’s not about features and benefits; it’s about heart.
Brands with belief are fueled by a passionate calling. They don’t exist to meet a list of functional offerings. And their purpose isn’t centered around benefits like quality made, best service, or the lowest prices. It’s a vision that inspires a level of devotion that eclipses product features and functions… they speak to the heart. They have a deeper foundation of emotional insights that cut through the marketing clutter and connect to our fundamental needs – certainty, significance, variety, love and connection, growth and contribution.

Customers are buying a badge of identity.
By letting your brand stand for something bigger, you are building a vision that your customers want to be part of. It goes beyond product 123 retailing for $39.95 and becomes a badge of identity they will want to buy into or join. And that’s infinitely more valuable. Make it something that matters to them and defines a way they want to be. Make it something that completes them somehow, like any other belief system does.

Does your brand have strong Brand Belief? What values and ideals set your brand apart from the rest of the category? The more you can clearly distinguish why your brand exists and what your brand stands for the more your brand will stand out from the competition.

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