Design Showcase: Christenson Surfboards

Post by: Todd McWethy / 11.05.2014

Last summer, we launched the new Christenson Surfboards website for longtime friend and globally recognized Chris Christenson. This is our fourth site for Chris and by far the most strategic. In years past, it was far easier to get a site out there that turned heads and generated leads, as most shapers didn’t have a relationship with a design agency. But with new developments in web creation giving almost everyone the tools to create a great-looking site, we were challenged to stay ahead of the curve.

The key was to stay relevant and industry-specific while riding the line between tech and design for a primarily analog audience. Let’s face it: most surfers are simple people, but they appreciate the details. The result was a fully responsive eCommerce siteone that allows the user to order traditional store products as well as custom-ordered surfboards—that remains true to Chris’s personal brand. That functionality, with some dynamic imagery, has the site off and running and getting positive reviews.

Action Photo Credits: Todd Glaser