BLVR is a brand development and design consultancy. Our mission is simple – we want to make the world a better place through the clients we work with and the disruptive brands we create. Everything we do is developed from our Brand Belief philosophy. We go to the core of your brand’s purpose, to move beyond product features and benefits, and position your brand to build deeper emotional relationships that connect to the heart. As a BLVR team member you are part of a group that is humble, hungry, and smart. You want to make a difference. You love to collaborate and you take ownership to ensure your clients receive a 5 star customer experience.


As a Brand Strategist you balance creative, analytical, and strategic thinking in one complete package.  In your role you imagine a better world for your client and the customers they serve. You will conduct rigorous analysis and market research to understand business problems and customer behavior, then use that information to develop brands and marketing strategies that raise awareness, drive customer growth, improve a brand’s positioning, and generate revenue. You deliver everything with a level of trust. You work in partnership with your Brand Account Manager and creative partners to develop disruptive thinking.

  • Develop an understanding of the client’s business environment and strategy
  • Pinpoint business issues
  • Conduct data analysis, audience research, stakeholder interviews, brainstorming sessions to develop well-informed strategic plans for clients
  • Perform competitive analysis and identify gaps and opportunities in the marketplace
  • Keep abreast of emerging behaviors, cultural/social trends, and technologies that are changing our client’s businesses
  • Develop unique and inspiring brand stories that are strategically disruptive
  • Develop and lead presentations to senior staff members and clients
  • Identifying potential problems and devising ways to rectify them
  • Liaising with senior members of staff to receive feedback and create improvements to strategies
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 7+ years of brand strategy at top tier agencies
  • Stellar creative and strategic thinking with demonstrated ability to translate insights into successful initiatives
  • Organized, detail and process oriented with an ability to relentlessly follow-up in a fast-paced, challenging environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A learner – always seeking to improve yourself, your team, and the world around you
  • You thrive on direct, honest, and supportive communication and always thinking about how to help the teammates around you excel

BLVR Culture

Our Culture is guided by our beliefs and built on our Code of Creation and our Code of Existence.


Our Code of Creation is grounded in the idea that we are created for community, built for a purpose, and that each of us possesses unlimited creative potential.

  1. WE ARE FAMILY – Humanity is designed for community. For us, work is more than work. Our office is a place where we cultivate thriving relationships, share ideas, collaborate on projects, challenge one another, and deliver fantastic outcomes for our clients. We share life, carry each other’s burdens, learn and grow together. We may be a team of individuals, but we are more than this, we are a family. We understand that we’re each a part of something bigger. Love and support are paramount in BLVR’s mission, beginning within the walls of our agency, within the relationships we are blessed with, radiating through us and out of us as we invest in the dreams of one another and our clients every day.
  2. WE HAVE PURPOSE – At BLVR, we understand God put us all here for a reason. The gifts each BLVR team member possesses are no accident, and each gifting has immense potential to impact the world in profound ways. When we live out our purpose we discover our individual and collective value, find more joy in what we do, and our capacity for positively impacting the world around us is magnified. When we bring our gifts together, when we unite as a family, a synergy is created that allows each of us to do more because we are doing it together. Collectively, we embrace the reason for our existence. When we invest in each other, we fulfill our purpose just as we do when we invest in our clients and beyond. Every time we use what we have been given to show love to the world, we fulfill our purpose.
  3. WE ARE CREATORS – Each member of the BLVR family is a creator. We create value, service, relationships, and belief. We share a deep commitment to our areas of expertise (branding, design, development, management) and one another as our collective talents merge to craft solutions for our clients. Our job is to cultivate this creativity, continually looking for ways to do what we do more efficiently and more effectively. Through the use and growth of our individual creativity, we increase the value of what we offer one another, our clients, and the world. Our goal for each client is Brand Belief, the quality of that Brand Belief is directly proportional to the quality of creativity.

Our Code of Existence is a critical element of BLVR family culture. This code defines how we interact with one another, how we behave in life, and the culture we are determined to build—a unique environment with the highest harmony, peace, and profit. BLVR’s Code of Existence is how we interact with each other and our customers, without the need for rules, forms, and limited human resources, etc. We simply expect everyone to be self-directed in the highest calling of personal responsibility. Act in the best interest of everyone else, us your brothers and sisters, yourself, and our customers. We serve and create daily with people who know how to make high-quality decisions that respect and enhance the people around them and the Business. We have a simple code that guides us:

  • Live a life of undivided integrity
  • Always demonstrate a positive attitude
  • Consider other people’s interests more important than their own
  • Don’t settle for anything less than excellence

We are passionate about our culture; cultivating and protecting it is nonnegotiable. When seeking to add to our BLVR family, a cultural fit is just as important as the skillsets and education an individual possesses.

  • AT BLVR:
  • We are aware that our behavior speaks to what we believe
  • We are authentic, understanding, and reliable
  • We are driven to help others
  • We always think big
  • We are willing to be vulnerable
  • We have passion and compassion
  • We value diversity in people and thinking
  • We are not afraid to make mistakes
  • We are proactive, requiring little direction to take action
  • We are committed to helping each other develop personally and professionally
  • We love coffee, eating meals together, and a good party
  • We are passionate about the work we do and the people we serve
Benefits Of Working At BLVR

BLVR is a great place to work and we’re determined to constantly make it better.

  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD – At BLVR, we use our business to help make the world a better place. Supporting great causes and helping others who are in need is an important part of BLVR’s culture.
  • FAMILY FIRST – Got kids? We offer flexible schedules so our team members can get kids off to school in the morning, make time for dance recitals, and school performances, or leave a little early to go camping for the weekend. These events in life don’t happen often, but they are precious moments that shouldn’t be overlooked in the name of work.
  • WELLNESS IS A PRIORITY – Money has great value in our lives, but time and health are invaluable! At BLVR, wellness is a priority, that’s why we offer company vacation days around every holiday, and a vacation and expense policy that just asks you to act in the best interest of yourself, your family, and the organization. We believe in wellness and taking care of ourselves, because only when we’re healthy can we effectively do great work and care for others.
  • HAVE FUN – Work hard, play harder! We like to have fun at BLVR. Bocce ball matches at Stone Brewery, interagency wiffle ball tournaments, monthly chef-catered meals, and agency-wide baking competitions are just some of the fun times we enjoy together.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – We love to invest in your development because when you grow, BLVR grows with you. Want to take a course or attend a conference—it’s on us.
    Free Beer, Coffee, and Snacks – Thinking, dreaming, and creating requires lots of fuel. Luckily, our kitchen is always stocked with all the essential (and sometimes not so essential) goodies to hold you over throughout your day.
  • BONUS PLAN – BLVR has created a unique bonus program designed to incentivize team members to help the company reach its financial goals—creating a win-win for our team and the BLVR business.
    Grow With Us – Huge opportunities to expand your responsibilities and position as the company continues to rapidly grow.
  • COST OF LIVING SALARLY INCREASE – We understand that San Diego is not the cheapest place to live, so each year you’ll automatically receive a 2% annual cost of living salary increase.
  • WEVOW MEMBERSHIP – BLVR is a WeVow Charter Member, and has zero tolerance for sexual misconduct in or out of the workplace. As a WeVow Charter Member, BLVR makes sexual harassment resources, anonymous reporting, and free professional counseling services available to all team members.