Houston or Bust!

Post by: Scott Hancock / 11.07.2017

Over the past few months, our country has experienced a whirlwind of bad news (no pun intended). Hurricane Harvey, Maria, and Irma have swept through towns, big and small, and displaced hundreds of thousands of people across multiple states. And while media attention is quick to break the latest Kardashian news, families are still left trying to figure out how to rebuild after a storm literally crashes down on their lives.

Hurricane Harvey shook our team in a very personal way. When we heard about its devastating impact, our hearts ached for the displaced families and we all felt compelled to act. See, at BLVR, we always look for ways to use our resources to help make a difference in the world; it’s one of our brand pillars.

Last month, I learned our print broker and dear friend Brett was putting together a volunteer team to travel to Houston with international relief organization Samaritan’s Purse. They were going straight to the front lines of Hurricane Harvey to cut trees, tarp roofs, and perform mud-outs – but they needed help getting there.

I was instantly reminded of one of my favorite Bob Goff quotes: “You don’t need a plan, you just need to be present.” So in an effort to be present and follow the stirring of our team members’ hearts, BLVR contributed to their cause – enabling a group of inspiring volunteers to get to Texas or bust!

This collaboration helped impact the lives of two families who were uninsured homeowners at the time of Hurricane Harvey. Both homes were completely transformed to become habitable, safe and clean, more than two months following the storm.

Hurricane Harvey destroyed more than 150,000 homes in Houston, and the work of relief and rebuilding is still a long journey ahead. If you’d like help in any way, we encourage you to visit The smallest contribution can make a big impact.


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