Creative Director

More than the cool work we do for our clients, more than industry accolades, the thing we’re most proud of is the community we’ve created at BLVR. You know this place is different the moment you walk in the door. The folks who make up the BLVR team are a special group. We care about one another, lift each other up, and always value person over position and even profit. Work and play are intertwined, which means we have fun together: happy hours, team-building trips, workshops, special events, chef lunches, and a lot of laughing. Every day brings new challenges, and every day we work together to meet them.

At BLVR, hiring is our single most important act. When we make the decision to add to our family, we are methodical in our approach to guarantee we find the right fit. Our approach to hiring is thorough and intensive as we seek talented individuals who are humble, hungry, and smart. Make sure you bring your best to BLVR because we will bring our best to work each day for you.

Are you ready?


We are looking for a Creative Director to shape and inspire the creative vision for BLVR and our brand partners. You will manage a team of creative contributors to service one or more clients, while also managing and mentoring direct reports. You will act as the lead knowledge holder and creative strategist for client brand standards and will ensure every print and digital design solution drives towards the desired business goal(s). This position requires a highly creative problem solver and accomplished creative with extensive project and client management experience. You must be adaptable, and understand the ins and outs of execution while remaining at a higher level, strategic role – with the passion to dip into your core competency (ie. design or copywriting) when the need arises. You will keep the internal and client teams motivated and engaged. As a director in our company, you will be a confident leader, strong strategic thinker and organic business builder.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Ability to lead a team of 5 to 10 creative people
  • Champion creativity, quality, customer experience, and community
  • Conceive, craft, and execute best-in-class creative and content ideas on time, on brand and on strategy
  • Inspire, direct, build, lead, and review the work of the creative team in the production of all print and web projects
  • Manage, supervise, review, and audit the work of designers and art workers to ensure the creative level expected of BLVR is being met
  • Help drive maximum efficiency, productivity, and the maintenance of the highest quality of creative concept, design, and artwork
  • Oversee, manage, and review new creative concepts with clients
  • Act as brand guardian to ensure all design collateral produced is faithful to the client’s brand guidelines
  • Effectively organize and prioritize workload especially around deadline and budget and have the flexibility to respond to increases in workload, tight deadlines, and travel
  • Build, lead, mentor and inspire a world-class creative team made up of full-time, part-time, and freelance designers, fostering an open culture that celebrates original thinking, innovation, and creative risk-taking
  • A true collaborator always looking for new ways to create situations in which people strive creatively
  • Have an eye for identifying creative talent and ability to build a network of high performing contractors
  • Understanding how to scale creative capabilities while retaining a great level of craft
  • Deep understanding of art direction, brand identity, packaging, environmental design, social media, and web best practices–constantly bringing new ideas to the table
  • Possess strong leadership and communication skills
  • Provides opportunities for learning and growth for all creative team members
  • Functions as the lead in the conception, design, and creation of all internal creative
  • Presents creative strategies and concepts to clients clearly
  • Understands the client’s business, brand, products, and customer
  • Is responsible for presenting to clients and helps structure powerful selling arguments for work
  • Strategize with the brand team to anticipate problems, analyze solutions, identify alternatives, and suggest recommendations
  • Always current and even ahead of creative trends in the industry
  • Always leads by example

Skills and Qualifications

  • A love of design
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 10 years of related experience with 5+ years of creative direction in an agency or corporate setting
  • Excellent communication skills (both in conversation and in writing) with an emphasis on pitching and presentations, running work-sessions and articulating and defending creative decisions
  • Proven track record partnering with multiple disciplines and departments on projects
  • Excellent production know-how with hands-on knowledge of brand strategy, identity, art direction, print, packaging, photography, and videography
  • Proven creative leadership in developing creative for the digital space (social, video, app, web)
  • Knowledge of animation and video production tools and software, including (but not limited to): Creative Cloud Suite including Photoshop and Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Bridge, After Effects, and Premiere

BLVR Culture

Our Culture is guided by our beliefs and built on our Code of Creation and our Code of Existence.

Our Code of Creation

is grounded in the idea that we are created for community, built for a purpose, and that each of us possesses unlimited creative potential.

1. We Are Family

Humanity is designed for community. For us, work is more than work. Our office is a place where we cultivate thriving relationships, share ideas, collaborate on projects, challenge one another, and deliver fantastic outcomes for our clients. We share life, carry each other’s burdens, learn and grow together. We may be a team of individuals, but we are more than this, we are a family. We understand that we’re each a part of something bigger. Love and support are paramount in BLVR’s mission beginning within the walls of our agency, within the relationships we are blessed with, radiating through us and out of us as we invest in the dreams of one another and our clients every day.

2. We Have Purpose

At BLVR, we understand God put us all here for a reason. The gifts each BLVR team member possesses are no accident, and each gifting has immense potential to impact the world in profound ways. When we live out our purpose we discover our individual and collective value, find more joy in what we do, and our capacity for positively impacting the world around us is magnified. When we bring our gifts together, when we unite as a family, a synergy is created that allows each of us to do more because we are doing it together. Collectively, we embrace the reason for our existence. When we invest in each other, we fulfill our purpose just as we do when we invest in our clients and beyond. Every time we use what we have been given to show love to the world, we fulfill our purpose.

3. We are Creators

Each member of the BLVR family is a creator. We create value, service, relationships, and belief. We share a deep commitment to our areas of expertise (branding, design, development, management) and one another as our collective talents merge to craft solutions for our clients. Our job is to cultivate this creativity, continually looking for ways to do what we do more efficiently and more effectively. Through the use and growth of our individual creativity, we increase the value of what we offer one another, our clients, and the world. Our goal for each client is Brand Belief, the quality of that Brand Belief is directly proportional to the quality of creativity.

Our Code of Existence

Our Code of Existence is a critical element of BLVR family culture. This code defines how we interact with one another, how we behave in life, and the culture we are determined to build—a unique environment with the highest harmony, peace, and profit. BLVR’s Code of Existence is how we interact with each other and our customers, without the need for rules, forms, and limited human resources, etc. We simply expect everyone to be self-directed in the highest calling of personal responsibility. Act in the best interest of everyone else, us your brothers and sisters, yourself, and our customers. We serve and create daily with people who know how to make high-quality decisions that respect and enhance the people around them and the Business. We have a simple code that guides us:
Live a life of undivided integrity

  • Always demonstrate a positive attitude
  • Consider other people’s interests more important than their own
  • Don’t settle for anything less than excellence

Our Cultural Requirements

We are passionate about our culture; cultivating and protecting it is nonnegotiable. When seeking to add to our BLVR family, a cultural fit is just as important as the skillsets and education an individual possesses.

  • We are aware that our behavior speaks to what we believe
  • We are authentic, understanding, and reliable
  • We are driven to help others
  • We always think big
  • We are willing to be vulnerable
  • We have passion and compassion
  • We value diversity in people and thinking
  • We are not afraid to make mistakes
  • We are proactive, requiring little direction to take action
  • We are committed to helping each other develop personally and professionally
  • We love coffee, eating meals together, and a good party
  • We are passionate about the work we do and the people we serve

Benefits of Working at BLVR

BLVR is a great place to work and we’re determined to constantly make it better.

The benefits of joining our team are vast. Here are a few:

Make A Difference

We love to support great causes and help others who are in need. We provide opportunities for team members to get involved and make an impact.

Health Benefits

To enhance the quality of life of our team members, we offer company-sponsored health, dental, and vision benefits.

Family First

We support families and offer flexible work schedules to ensure that team members with kids always excel in their primary role—being an amazing parent.

Have Fun

We like to have fun at BLVR. Bocce Ball competitions, monthly chef-catered meals, and baking competitions are just some of the fun times we enjoy together.

Competitive Pay

We offer a competitive salary, a 2% annual cost of living salary increase, and bonus opportunities.

Paid Time Off

Paid time off for all major holidays and 10 days personal leave time (first year) with 1 additional day added for each year of employment.

A Place To Grow

We love to invest in your development because when you grow, BLVR grows with you. Want to take a course or attend a conference—it’s on us.

The Best Gear

What computer setup do you prefer…laptop or desktop? Choose the gear that will equip you to make the greatest impact.


Large or small, we love our four-legged friends and consider them as part of the family.

  • Accepted file types: rtf, pdf, doc, docx.