Lolita’s Restaurants is one of San Diego’s top-rated and longest-lasting Mexican restaurant chains, with fanfare from locals and tourists alike. The restaurants have a loyal following; however, they lacked customer growth.

Brand Development


While Lolita’s Restaurant locations were cropping up all over town, the company was experiencing a major identity crisis. The company logo was being manipulated across each restaurant location, diminishing brand equity. It negatively positioned Lolita’s Restaurants as just another local taco shop despite its longstanding history in the community, and it affected the company’s ability to transition into the fast casual restaurant industry.


Our branding challenge was to retain the right amount of existing positive brand equity while introducing a new direction successfully. One thing’s for sure: there’s a fine line between shedding a brand’s old skin and creating a new one without losing the things that made it popular to begin with.

So how did we do it? We started by honoring Lolita’s Restaurants’ legacy of cuisine, culture, and community, letting it serve as our North Star for brand rejuvenation. BLVR stayed true to Dolores “Lolita” Farfan’s signature and the multigenerational, family-owned history of the restaurant chain, but we added a modern twist. We updated the logo type from green to black, with softer, classic italicized lines—a design mechanism to infer forward movement. Even further, we used a heavier-weight typeface to convey boldness and strength in both the community and the industry.

Asset Creation


We wanted to give customers a digital experience that was authentic and undeniably satisfyingall while staying true to Lolita’s long-standing commitment to serve up the best Mexican fare to their intensely loyal generations of guests.

We knew customers were shopping with their eyes (and stomachs), so we created a web design that was visually tantalizing and perfectly reflected Lolita’s Baja-inspired culinary artistry and cultural integrity. BLVR commissioned Paula Watts to visualize Lolita’s menu items from a high-quality, mouth-watering approachhighlighting the fresh ingredients, food-preparation process, and overall lifestyle and atmosphere.

Website Design + Development


Lead generation was key to the success of Lolita’s web redesign. Taking into consideration market demographics, competition, and opportunities, we built a site that drove strong engagement with the Lolita’s menu. We implemented an organized call-to-order system, enabling potential customers to locate their restaurant of choice with ease. We also developed a geolocation-based ordering functionality that provided a custom experience for each user and maximized the visibility of Lolita’s six San Diego restaurant locations.



In Conclusion

The culmination of brand identity, environmental design, photography, and web design helped Lolita’s Restaurants hit a sweet spot with new customers. The modernized website has positioned the restaurant as a leader in San Diego’s Mexican food scene.


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