In 1996, brothers Tim and Jon Foreman and their high school bud Chad Butler formed a band called Switchfoot. The San Diego natives and their bandmates have since sold 5.7 million copies of their nine studio albums worldwide, racked up a string of alternative-radio hit singles, performed sold-out world tours, raised $1 million to aid hometown kids, and earned a global fanbase devoted to their uplifting brand of rock. While Switchfoot was a hit on the road, this wasn’t the case with their branding or web presence. The band’s logo was antiquated, and their site lacked quality imagery, functionality, and intriguea serious disadvantage for a band whose target audience consists of digital natives (aka Millennials). Our objective: modernize Switchfoot’s logo and create an enhanced digital experience to house their content.

Brand Development


Switchfoot was formed in the ’90s grunge era, and their logo reflected that. BLVR was challenged with creating a modernized identity that stayed true to the band’s California roots while also incorporating their values: honesty and authenticity. We retained brand equity by using the Switchfoot “S” star, but we revived it with a customized typeface to pair with the black-and-white color palette and added pops of gold, exuding a higher level of sophistication, maturity, and timelessness. The brand refresh allowed the band to use the logo seamlessly across all existing applications, including album artwork, tours, events, sub-campaigns (the BRO-AM Foundation and BRO-AM Studios), and more. BLVR also created multiple variations of the logo to expand brand flexibility and growth.

Website Design + Development


Traveling the world, performing in sold-out shows, and hosting a slew of philanthropic efforts generates a large volume of content. In an effort to share all of it with Switchfoot’s dedicated base of Millennials, BLVR created an image-heavy, multipage site that combines three key elements of the brand: blogs, event information, and merchandise. Homepage content was structured in order of importance, placing featured stories or concerts above the fold and supporting content such as products and email sign-up below.

  • "BLVR did an incredible job modernizing Switchfoot’s website and streamlining how we communicate."

    — John Foreman, Lead Singer of Switchfoot


In Conclusion

Today, the site acts as the primary hub for fans to connect with the band. In addition to refreshed assets, Switchfoot’s brand success is bolstered by their staunch commitment to producing compelling content on a consistent basis. Users can rely on band members to update the site with relevant updates every week, keeping readership active and growing.


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