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Vessel is a leading custom bag maker, with an unprecedented array of colors and fabrics that allows customers to create a bag that’s uniquely theirs. With every purchase, Vessel donates a school backpack to a child in need. Vessel customers have helped provide more than 15,534 school backpacks to children in need around the world.

Owner Ronnie Shaw dominated the custom golf bag market for professional golfers, athletes, and celebrities, and identified an untapped market for selling high-quality custom lifestyle bags  (backpacks, duffels, totes) to the general public.

Brand Development

Name & Identity

When Ronnie shared his dream to create a high-end lifestyle brand offshoot from his market dominating golf bag company, we knew the brand needed a name that could embody the heartbeat behind his new cause-driven business venture. We christened the brand Vessel, a play on the product being a vessel for your items as well as the consumer being a vessel of love and hope.

To complement the new name, we created an icon that visually conveyed the letter “V” which bears the image of a vessel, per se, carrying its treasure and purpose. The letter mark also plays on the brand’s core beliefs by doubling as hands that are raised in exaltation and triumph.

  • BLVR took my idea and thoughts, and transformed them into a reality that's beyond my wildest imagination. I couldn't be more pleased with what they've accomplished.

    — Ron Shaw, CEO

Brand Story Development

We know from research that people are more motivated to purchase when they feel a sense of purpose behind the company. So we created a brand story true to Vessel’s mission: make a difference in the world through a passion for making stylish, high-end bags. This inspired the brand’s “Filled With Purpose” tagline and the social impact “Buy a Bag, Give a Bag” initiative. Under this one-for-one model, with every bag purchased, Vessel gives a school backpack to a child in need. Since Buy a Bag, Give a Bag was implemented, Vessel customers have helped provide more than 15,000 school backpacks to children around the world.

Website Design + Development

Digital Storefront

As an online retailer, it was important for Vessel to have a website that delivered a strong brand and retail experience. Most recently, BLVR developed a web conversion strategy to optimize store results even further. We utilized a three-tiered approach that 1) expanded the site’s main navigation to include more avenues of exploration across product types, collections, sales and other featured content, 2) introduced deeper product stories on the homepage and other key retail pages, 3) increased the perceived touch and feel of product pages to better mimic the offline shopping experience, 4) utilized a high-end curation to streamline the product-browsing experience.

Asset Creation


We knew that imagery was going to be instrumental to the marketing and website approach, so BLVR developed a visual approach that perfectly captured the Vessel world while showing the product in a gloriously aspirational way. BLVR ran three streams of photography –– lifestyle shoots to show product used in an aspirational “real life” setting, fashion-inspired shoots to show the product in a studio environment, and detailed product shoots to show the bag and its features in the online store. To complement this approach, BLVR developed a photography bible outlining everything from model, location, and styling to product positioning and lighting guidelines. These guidelines ensure consistent, high-quality photography across the entire Vessel brand, as well as the appropriate differentiation between sub-ranges.


in conclusion

Today, Vessel has cornered the custom bag market, built awareness within the Millennial and Gen X communities and partnered with more than 20 nonprofits. More than 15,000 school backpacks have been donated to help children in need. The site has also seen an uptick in visitors of over 200%. Sales have increased 20% year over year, while email database growth has increased 400% in the last year alone.


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