Leading Customers Through a Guided Shopping Experience

Scope of work:
  • Copywriting

  • User Experience

  • Website Design

  • Website Development

  • Photography


Customers who purchased and used Alines in their footwear became raving fans. However, they were only purchasing one pair of Alines as opposed to buying Alines regularly to use within all their shoes.



Aline products were scientifically proven to prevent and alleviate many of the health issues caused from taking poor quality steps. The majority of transactions were taking place at brick and mortar retail locations. The website was only contributing a small portion of overall sales, which was preventing the company from scaling.



We created a new way for customers to shop online by encouraging them to enter into a subscription program. A dynamic “Guide Me” process held the customers hand through an enjoyable process. This resulted in the perfect set of Aline products for all the shoes in a customer’s closet. In addition, the user could add family members and friends to their account. This approach led to fewer health issues for Aline customers and significantly increased sales for the company.

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