Common Assembly:
Disrupting the crowded fast fashion category by pairing style with substance

Scope of work:
  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Story

  • Brand Identity

  • Website Design

  • Photography Art Direction


Common Assembly was a new fast fashion retailer targeting value-conscious millennials. The company was driven to do good in the world, but they were launching into a crowded category where cause-based brands were the norm, and they needed something else to stand out.



Consumer research identified a complex millennial woman who lived a life of duality. She made choices that both helped and hurt the world. Her identity, her values, and who she wants to be in the world were all so closely tied to her style. But fashion doesn’t always make her feel great because it often comes at the expense of those values.



To disrupt the crowded category and transcend conventional cause-based branding, we built a strategy designed to inject more kindness into the world through fashion. We established a business model built on three pillars: kindness to the customer, kindness to women, and kindness to the world. From there, we created an elevated brand identity with customized letter-forms, a modernized color palette, and an art direction full of hand-created elements that gave a warm, personal touch. Finally, we designed a mobile-first website that matched kindly-sourced products with real, un-retouched models to tell the brand story while also driving sales.

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