“Working with BLVR has been an incredible experience for our company. Their in-depth discover and strategy work helped us uncover our beliefs, purpose and vision, and we’re articulating this through our brand identity. It’s been a true partnership with the BLVR team, with great collaboration along the way. We’re excited to unveil our new brand very soon.”

Laura Roberts, VP of Brand and Marketing, EcoEngineers



EcoEngineers, a global carbon-reduction consulting firm, faced challenges in defining a compelling value proposition, appealing to diverse client types, and expanding into new markets with limited brand awareness. However, as sustainability became a management imperative for survival, EcoEngineers aimed to guide companies through the process of adapting to a lower-carbon future. Their unique positioning as a comprehensive one-stop-shop partner, combining science, regulation, and business expertise, distinguished them from competitors and emphasized their belief in the mutual prosperity of humans, organizations, and the planet in the energy transition.

By working with BLVR, EcoEngineers aimed to define their value proposition and appeal to diverse clients and enhance their visual identity, messaging, and digital presence to communicate their expertise and engage a wider audience effectively. This collaboration allowed EcoEngineers to strengthen their brand and establish a strong digital presence to navigate the energy transition successfully.

brand strategy


Through our research, we heard time and again that sustainability had reached a tipping point in the business world, in which it’s moved from a marcomms issue to a management imperative for survival. As such, EcoEngineers’ challenge was not to convince companies that they needed to adapt but to help them navigate the changes that made sense for both their business and the planet.

This type of change was risky, uncharted territory for their clients, so our strategy was built around positioning EcoEngineers as a shepherd through the process that sits at the intersection of cutting-edge science, regulation, and business. What set EcoEngineers apart from their competitors was that they act as a one-stop-shop partner that provides comprehensive services ranging from auditing to ensure compliance with regulations all the way through to creative, out-of-the-box solutions on how to manage the energy transition. All of this was underscored by EcoEngineers’ fundamental belief that humans, organizations, and the planet can all prosper when we transition to a lower-carbon future.

Brand Identity - Visual


Our goal was to create a brand identity that visually establishes EcoEngineers as an expert guide in navigating the complexities of the energy transition. It needed to feel innovative, visionary, nimble, and holistic. To achieve this we designed a logo that uses a circular, illustrative device to establish a sense of balance and unity. The spires of the ‘O’ come together to form a cohesive whole representative of EcoEngineers’ vast offerings working in unison with one another. The open center of the logo can be viewed as a lens through which to see the future EcoEngineers strives to create— one where clean energy fuels a healthy planet along with equitable, global, human progress. 

The identity is supported by a vibrant color palette that is rooted in nature. The variety of colors instills feelings of optimism and energy that assist in differentiating EcoEngineers from their competitors.

“When I first heard Scott talk about BLVR, I was blown away by his passion for creating belief-driven brands, and why beliefs are so important to an organization. His views aligned exactly with mine, and the vision I have for the future of EcoEngineers. That’s why we chose to work with BLVR. As we get ready to launch our new brand identity, it’s clear we made the right decision, and I’m so proud of how our new brand really brings our vision and beliefs to life.”

— Shashi Menon, CEO, EcoEngineers

Brand Identity - Messaging Framework


To build the messaging framework, we leaned on the brand strategy of establishing EcoEngineers as a trusted guide with decades worth of experience in the sector. The tone of voice was built on five attributes: Influential, Level-Headed, Determined, Grounded, and Proactive. These attributes flowed together through the copy to create a voice that is confident, accessible, and reliable. Simply put, “From innovation to impact, EcoEngineers brings clarity out of chaos.” Through headlines, press releases, and the website, the messaging framework provides a strong foundation for growth in the future.

Brand Activation - Key Assets


The EcoEngineers logo heavily influenced the design system. Each individual spoke within the logo is connected through a point of tension at the center; this shape was inspired by EcoEngineers’ ability to guide their clients through narrow constraints from innovation to impact. We took these pieces and scaled them up individually to use as design elements across the various brand applications. They became vessels for photography and illustrative assets to lead the eye through a composition.

Brand Activation - Website UX/UI


It was important that EcoEngineers had a digital experience that could attract leads, drive credibility, and support potential customers through the buying process. We crafted a responsive website experience that could match our user personas needs for form and functionality. The UX strategy paid particular attention to simplifying complex swaths of information into an accessible bite-size educational modules that flowed seamlessly across the page. The user interface expanded the design system established in the brand identity phase of the project, bringing to life he idea of energy transition. In the development phase we paid particular attention to micro-interactions that could reinforce the idea of transition through dimensional moments of storytelling.

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