Truth Becomes Her:
Architecting a brand movement to empower women raising daughters

Scope of work:
  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Story

  • Naming

  • Brand Identity

  • Photography

“As a company, they truly care and put their heart into everything. From the initial discovery meetings to the extensive research they did, the BLVR team worked diligently to prepare and execute the new brand design and all aspects of the creative. They had an excellent gauge of our business at all times, and the rebrand was a total success.“

—Brent Weidemann / CEO, Co-Founder


Erin and Brent Weidemann came to BLVR with a complex brand ecosystem – there was Erin’s successful speaking career, a growing book series, an inspiring podcast, and an expanding range of content focused on raising young daughters. Their products were top notch but they were missing a cohesive brand framework that tied everything together.


Audience segmentation revealed that millennial moms were striving every day to instill a sense of worth in their daughters, but they lacked any kind of training or framework on how to do that. They felt like they were “winging it,” which made them question whether they were being the best mom they could be.


We began with the goal of creating a mom-powered movement to lift up daughters and show them their true worth. We created a new company name, Truth Becomes Her, which focused on the physical and emotional process of moms guiding their daughters to walk in truth. Around this, we built a modern visual identity highlighting the three-pronged relationship between moms, daughters, and Christ. Finally, we developed a new business model that expanded their services to include education, training, and experiential products that brought the new brand story to life.

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