Your Say-Do Gap™
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Score breakdown

Here’s how your score breaks down across the six key areas of belief and business success creation.

  • Belief Identification:

    A clearly defined belief that is evident in all branding and marketing endeavors.


  • Tangible Representation:

    The tangible elements that people see, hear, and experience.


  • Customer Journey:

    Alignment of your brand's belief throughout the touchpoints in the customer experience.


  • Content Authenticity:

    The authenticity and consistency of your brand content.


  • Campaign Consistency:

    The alignment of your campaigns to your brand’s belief.


  • Brand Engagement:

    How your brand interacts with audiences and communities.


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performing area is:

Customer Journey

performing area is:

Belief Identification


Here are some recommendations on what you can do to put belief at the core of your brand and unlock new levels of growth.

1. Belief Identification

Facilitate Belief Discovery Discussions:

Delve deep into the foundational ethos of your company. Organize a workshop with cross-functional teams, inviting members from different departments and levels of seniority. This diversity will foster richer conversations and insights. Key discussion prompts could be: "Why did our founders start this business?", "How do our products/services fundamentally change lives?", and "Who are our core customers, and why do they choose us?". This exploratory session will provide clarity on your brand's belief system and create a shared understanding across the team.

Benefit: Establish a clear, unified, and compelling core belief that resonates internally and externally.

2. Tangible Representation

Facilitate a Belief Discovery Workshop:

Engage your team in a deep-dive workshop aimed at uncovering the foundational beliefs of your company. This involves posing probing questions such as: "What is our raison d'être?", "How do our products or services enrich lives?", and "Who truly connects with our brand's core ethos?". A diverse mix of participants can bring varied insights, enriching the outcome of the session.

Benefit: Establishing a well-defined core belief that acts as a beacon, guiding both internal actions and external communications, leading to stronger brand cohesion.

3. Customer Journey

Craft an Omnichannel Belief-Centric Experience:

Initiate a thorough analysis of the customer journey, highlighting the incorporation of your brand's belief at every touchpoint. Detect inconsistencies and obstructions that hinder a smooth, unified transition between various channels like your website, social platforms, in-store experience, and customer support. Harness the power of data analytics to gain insights into customer behavior, and use these insights to fine-tune their experiences. Messages, product suggestions, promotions, and even content should reflect the brand's belief and be tailored to individual customer personas.

Benefit: A meticulously mapped customer journey ensures brand belief continuity, enhancing trust and loyalty.

4. Content Authenticity

Build a Holistic Belief-Aligned Content System:

Begin by auditing your current content portfolio for alignment with your brand's core belief. Recognize gaps or areas that require improved authenticity. Develop a comprehensive strategy to diversify your content assets, ensuring they resonate with your belief at all points. A digital asset management system can streamline content visibility, accessibility, and consistency, making it easier to maintain and leverage your content ecosystem.

Benefit: A holistic content approach ensures that every piece of content reinforces your brand's belief, enhancing brand trust and perception among your target audience.

5. Campaign Consistency

Establish Belief-Centric Campaign Guidelines:

Strengthen the Say-Do Gap™ by making your brand's core belief the backbone of all campaign briefs. Clearly define the belief's elements to be emphasized, supplying creative teams with concise instructions. While fostering creativity, ensure campaigns—from message to visuals—are harmonized with the core belief. Incorporate KPIs, such as audience sentiment regarding the belief, and routinely evaluate drafts for brand alignment.

Benefit: Grounding campaigns in your core belief ensures a consistent and authentic portrayal, cultivating genuine audience trust.

6. Brand Engagement

Prioritize Authentic Collaborative Partnerships:

Address the Say-Do Gap™ by strategically partnering with authentic collaborators who resonate with your brand's belief. Conduct diligent vetting to find influencers, partners, and organizations that verbally align with your ethos and demonstrate it through their actions. Ensure they can naturally infuse your brand belief into their narratives. Focus on building lasting partnerships that go beyond one-time engagements, allowing for genuine, evolving collaborations.

Benefit: Authentic collaborators amplify your brand's belief genuinely, fostering trust and loyalty among your audience.

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