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Finest Made

“Finest Made is inspired by the story of food, where it comes from and how it is prepared, the adventure of its flavors and the fellowship it draws. Infusing culinary soul into every drop, I brew Finest Made for the true craft enthusiast.”

— Chef Rey Knight



San Diego-based Butcher’s Brewing made incredible craft beer. Crafted by award-winning chef and master brewer Rey Knight, the beer was a culinary experience. It consisted of pig iconography and ye old lettering that just wasn’t resonating with Southern California’s health-conscious, quality-craving consumers. Butcher’s tasked BLVR to come up with a new brand concept that could help them stand out in a crowded category.

Brand Strategy


After hearing the owner, Rey Knight, talk with such passion about his chef and brewing days, we knew the brand story needed to celebrate the fusion of good food and good beer. We also knew this theme would resonate with consumers who were redefining America’s food culture. So we built the brand story around Rey and the culinary soul he brews into every drop.



Our audience saw craft beer as a moment to reward themselves and experience the finer things. So we built a brand name to celebrate the customer who deserved the very best: Finest Made. Then we renamed the portfolio of products using a number system that showcased the masterbrand while still allowing for product differentiation.


Brand Identity


We started with an icon that pays homage to Rey’s accolades of being a three-star, classically trained chef in France. The icon is also a nod to the three hallmarks of the brand: quality, craft, and community. The icon was paired with a sturdy yet elegant type and finished with details like “EST’D 2010” and “Developed by Chef Rey Knight” to personalize and round out the identity system. We then built out the art direction, infusing it with elements from Rey’s history as a chef, butcher, and brewer. Speckled butcher paper, baking twine, and butcher block wood accents came through in brand touchpoints such as beer labels, tap handles, and coasters. Tasting room uniforms were inspired by chef coats and butcher aprons. Product photography focused on premium, high-quality ingredients while lifestyle imagery featured moments of gathering centered around food.



Our packaging journey began by taking cues from the craft food category. We took an artisan approach with minimalist type and a clean color palette with pops of red, designed to disrupt the busy beer space and stand out on the shelf. We developed a numbering system that helped customers identify their favorite beers, and paired that with the beer’s tasting profile and pairing notes. Then we built a story around Rey and the culinary soul he brews into every drop. The packaging featured textured watercolor paper, neck wraps, and tactile embossed patterns and was finished with Rey Knight’s signature.

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