Paddleboard Brand Development Case Study | Rebrand


“BLVR has been a valued partner to ISLE. They have really challenged us through an organized process to figure out our Brand Belief. As the new branding has rolled out through our various communication channels, ISLE continues to be cemented as the SUP brand of choice. This is resulting in higher conversion rates and a deeper long-term relationship with our customer.”

— Doug Pate, CEO



ISLE is one of the leading stand-up paddle board companies, but their foothold in the category was being eroded by an aggressive competitive market. Growth had slowed and the product was being commoditized. The company tasked BLVR with increasing the long-term value and growth of the organization by building a brand that could stand for more.

Brand Strategy


We conducted a national qualitative study to understand the attitudes and behaviors of SUP riders and found that customers were prioritizing wellness as a way to combat their fast-paced urban lives. They were drawn to stand-up paddle boarding as a way to connect with nature and exercise the mind, body, and soul—a way to escape the daily grind of their busy lives and recharge.

To combat commoditization, BLVR built a brand positioning that differentiated through deeper emotional value. We leaned into the idea of balance, playing off the balance it takes to stand up on a board. We positioned ISLE as the ultimate solution to modern life—not just a physical workout, but a balance of benefits for your mind, body, and soul. This came together under a central positioning: “ISLE – Better in Balance.”

Brand Identity


To bring the brand to life, we reimagined the brand identity from the ground up. We began by creating an anthemic wordmark—the central element of the logo is the “S” letterform. With two interplaying circles, it was a subtle visual nod to the idea of balance. This was further emphasized by lettering with rounded, organic shapes like those found in nature. We then built out the art direction, aiming to disrupt the market landscape. Color palettes in soothing earth tones connected the brand to nature. Imagery highlighted the experience of paddle boarding and created an emotional experience, while the brand tone was approachable, inspiring, and elevated.



Receiving an ISLE board was a key moment in the shopper journey. It often came after weeks of researching, purchasing, and waiting for the product to be shipped. We needed to turn that anticipation into an unboxing experience to be just as elevated as the new boards were. We began by leveraging the scale of the box, viewing the elements that went on the box as sculptural. We utilized the rich color palette as an organizational tool to help distinguish all the different types of boards and their colorways. Using oversized stickers that contained all the packaging information allowed there to be one universal box, which was more economical.

We then turned our attention to the second interior box that kept the elements safe. We utilized the icon in a pattern to flood the interior with texture and vibrancy. Over the second box right before the user got to their board, they were reminded of ISLE’s core belief: Better in balance. It rounded out the whole experience and left the user with the reminder of why they had started this journey in the first place: to seek better balance in their life.

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