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New Life Pres

“BLVR offers the ideal combination of skill, professionalism, and understanding of a nonprofit environment.”

— Robin Lee, Executive Pastor



New Life Presbyterian was a fairly traditional church located in Escondido, California. When the church leadership identified the need for a simple collateral design project, they connected with BLVR to explore the possibilities. What started out as one initial project turned into a long-term relationship that breathed new life into the entire church.

Brand Identity


New Life Presbyterian understood the need to have a modern visual identity in order to attract newcomers and retain existing attendees. So the decision was made to rebrand the church. The stained glass leaf icon in the new Christ-centered logo establishes a fresh and diverse art direction that has become the new look of the church.

Brand Activation


With the new identity system in place, BLVR worked with the church to build out a five-year plan brochure, a new and improved website, a capital fundraising campaign, and various collateral pieces.


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