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Global rock star band rebranding case study



Switchfoot is a grammy winning rock band whose music inspires and casts light on all who hear. Being fellow San Diegians, BLVR got to know some of the band members over the years. So when it came time for Switchfoot to modernize their brand, we were fortunate enough to team up on one of the coolest projects we’ve been blessed to be a part of.

Brand Identity


Switchfoot had already established equity in their identity, but it was a bit rough and grungy. We retained the icon concept through a tighter, more modern creative execution. A solid font was established, and the primary color palette was locked in.

Brand Activation


The update brand was activated in a number of ways, including a new website, marketing collateral, content strategy, and event branding. One of the coolest events that we got to design was the Switchfoot Bro-Am, which is a multi-day experience that culminates in a concert on a sunny beach in gorgeous San Diego.


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