Finest Made (formerly Butcher’s Brewing) was the brainchild of Chef Rey Knight. With a celebrated cooking career at some of the finest dining establishments in North America and Europe, Rey brought his passion for creating mouth-watering flavor profiles into the San Diego market with a range of craft beers, including incredible ales, pilsners, and stouts. To take their brewery to the next level, we challenged Rey to get back in the kitchen. And reimagine the brand.

Brand Development


We knew without a doubt that Butcher’s Brewing made incredible beer, but the name was turning off Southern California’s health-conscious market. The new name needed authentic meaning baked in; one that made the customer the hero and celebrated the fact that they deserve the best. From that moment, the new brand name “Finest Made” was born.

Taking cues from the artisan food and craft beer industry, BLVR developed a new identity that smashed through the crowded beer space. Minimalistic type, a premium star lockup, a clean color palette, and an updated product-naming system elevated the newly christened brand and denoted an excellent beer worth a special journey.


After hearing Rey talk with such passion and animation about his chef and brewing days, we knew the Finest Made brand story needed to be built around the fusion of good food and good beer. This idea was reaffirmed after taking a cultural snapshot of our audience: a community that was part of the rise of a new food culture in America—one that valued taste, discovery, experiences, and brands with meaning.

We built a brand story around chef and brewmaster Rey Knight, focusing on the culinary soul he brews into every drop of Finest Made.


The beer category lives and dies by its strength on the shelf. BLVR created a disruptive solution which identified a craft beer category that was full of norms—overly masculine designs, Southern California-inspired lifestyle imagery, and zany typography treatments dominated packaging.

BLVR created a disruptive packaging approach that utilized cues from craft food purveyors. Labeling systems that included batch numbering, tasting and pairing notes, neck wraparounds, and Rey Knight’s approval signature enlivened the Finest Made brand story in a unique way. In addition, sophisticated use of color blocks helped provide the all-important shelf presence that would demand discovery and trial.

Asset Creation


In today’s socially driven age, having a broad range of high-quality content is a must. BLVR conceptualized a stream of photo and video content that told Finest Made’s story through the immersion into Rey’s culinary and craft beer worlds. We managed full production, which included script development, sourcing photographers and videographers, location scouting and styling as well as production on the actual day of the shoot and direction on all post production.

The result was a suite of content that was evocative, tantalizing, and perfectly on brand. More than 100 images, a two-minute video, and various cut-downs were able to captivate their audience and show that Finest Made is a craft beer above its competition.


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