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BLVR Announces new client: Harrah’s resort southern California

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March 13, 2022

BLVR is excited to announce the signing of its newest client, Harrah’s Resort Southern California.Located in Funner, California and owned by the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians, Harrah’s Resort SoCal is one of the most unique destination resort experiences. They will partner with BLVR to redesign and develop their new resort microsite to bring the brand’s upbeat and fun personality to light.

“We’re beyond excited to partner with BLVR on the development of our new microsite. They are a fantastic team of creatives who clearly understand the importance of user experience and brand storytelling. We cannot wait to see how they bring ‘funner’ to life on the site.”

BLVR plans to design and develop a microsite that matches the “funner” brand promise. When you step onto the property, you can immediately see that Harrah’s Resort Southern California is not the average casino experience. Fun is around every corner, from alpacas roaming the property, to the swim-up bar and lazy river, to the mayoral hotline. BLVR’s goal is to craft a microsite that encapsulates this playful personality and pushes their site to stand out from other corporate-feeling casino websites.

“BLVR is thrilled to collaborate with the incredible team at Harrah’s to craft a fresh, ‘funner’ and inspiring user experience for their customers and beyond.”

—Scott Hancock, CEO, BLVR

A successful project will culminate in BLVR turning the idea of Funner, California, from a place to a state of mind. BLVR will do this through the brand storytelling on the microsite to portray the magic visitors feel on the resort grounds. We want each user to go on a journey through their booking experience, from the copy and imagery to the design and overall user experience, evoking an idea of Harrah’s Resort SoCal as a must-stop destination.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Mikayla Leier at (602) 686-4440, or email [email protected].

About BLVR:

BLVR is an independent brand development and design agency that empowers brands to fearlessly live out their beliefs. We go to the heart and soul to uncover what makes your brand special, inspiring, and most of all, worth believing in. We work with category leaders, entrepreneurial start-ups, and challenger brands who want to transform their business and change the world by standing for something bigger.

About Harrah’s Resort Southern California:

Located between San Diego and Los Angeles, in a mountain valley along the San Luis Rey River, Funner, California is the city where fun lives. Offering two luxurious towers housing 1,087 rooms and suites, an award-winning trifecta of pools, a serene 11,000 square-foot spa and SoCal’s first tribally owned brewery it’s easy to see why Harrah’s Resort SoCal is voted “Best resort in Funner, CA.” Pack your victory dance or your party pants and get ready to get away from it all. Sip on a golden martini, indulge in delicacies from around the world and go all-in on fun with weekly promotions, SoCal’s first all-table Jackpot and a gaming floor packed with 1,600 Slots or 50 Table Games. It really is all fun and games in Funner, CA! To book your stay or learn more visit

About the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians:

The Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians reside on a 5,000-acre reservation in Valley Center, California. Established in 1875, the Rincon Band is a sovereign government recognized by the U.S. Constitution, the United States Congress, court precedent, and federal policy. The Rincon Band owns Harrah’s Resort Southern California and uses profits and other commercial enterprises to provide government services, cultural programs and economic development resources for their members and surrounding communities.

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