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BLVR | Believe Fearlessly Rebrand

Award-winning branding agency, BLVR, rebrands this week

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March 17, 2022

BLVR, a top independent branding agency, has announced today that they have completed a major rebranding. This reinforces the organization’s long-standing commitment to use their business as a force for good. Believe Fearlessly becomes agency mantra.

For two decades, BLVR has helped start-ups, challenger brands, and category leaders uncover the belief that makes their organization unique and live it out through everything they do. The agency is amplifying the truth that the most impactful brands are the ones that stand for something bigger. In today’s belief-driven economy, consumers aren’t just buying a product. They’re buying what a brand stands for. That’s the difference between BLVR and other agencies. BLVR helps organizations connect with the values of their employees, customers, and culture. With this in mind, the agency has chosen the mantra, “Believe Fearlessly,” to encapsulate everything they stand for and how they help transform brands to make the most significant impact.

“‘Believe Fearlessly’ not only portrays who BLVR is as a company, but it is a call to action for everyone, whether an individual or a brand, to know what you believe deep in your heart and have the guts to live it out through everything you do—no matter what. If your conviction is real, it will guide how you behave. Your behavior will attract others who share your belief, and that’s your tribe.”

—Scott Hancock, CEO, BLVR


“‘Believe Fearlessly’ is the act of leading with conviction. It’s more than just purpose. It’s heart and soul. It’s finding what truly matters and never settling. It’s letting actions become the lyrics that create change.”

– Austin Lane, Creative Director, BLVR

During this rebranding process, BLVR shaped their new positioning by going through the same brand belief approach they take their clients through. A focused brand belief informs the fresh new visuals, purpose, vision, and core values to position BLVR uniquely in the market, equipping the agency to deliver the most value to its employees, customers, and non-profit impact partners.

“When thinking about a brand, it is very similar to a piece of art; there is a difference between a pretty picture and something that draws you in and captures your emotions. Our goal at BLVR is not just to create beautifully designed brands but to inspire them to live from the heart. They must know what they believe to be true about the world, and they must know what they’re going to do about it.”

– Scott Hancock, CEO, BLVR

BLVR has created its new visual identity around the ideas of impactfulness, empowering its clients, and using business as a force for good. They have chosen a timeless yet bold presence and a color palette that has a classic foundation with fresh pops of color, which can be seen throughout their redesigned website, digital presence, and branded materials. The typography is a balance of an editorial serif paired with a hard-working san serif, allowing for a versatile design system.

“The approach for the visual design system was based on the idea of being bold while maintaining a refined aesthetic. A look and feel that can be totally inclusive, having the ability to flex across every touchpoint of the agency.”

—Austin Lane, Creative Director, BLVR

To launch the new brand, BLVR held an internal event with their team where they revealed the new brand identity and tagline, “Believe Fearlessly©”. Each team member was asked to define their personal guiding belief and craft it into a simple statement. Each team member then painted another team member’s belief statement on the wall to represent bringing someone else’s belief to life.

Now, BLVR is excited to share its rebrand with the world. They are entering a new era while continuing to live out what they believe to be true about the world: The world changers are the ones who fearlessly live out their beliefs.

Visit to explore the new website, brand, and inspiration.

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BLVR: BLVR is an independent creative agency that empowers brands to fearlessly live out their beliefs. With belief at the heart, we execute end-to-end brand experiences that transform an organization’s influence, value, and impact.

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