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Hair product rebranding case study

“What I found most impressive was BLVR®’s ability to focus on a comprehensive brand strategy and positioning, not just design work. They aligned closely with the workflows of our team and adapted well to resource constraints.”

— Angie Vlasaty Peterson, VP of Marketing



Since 1922, Andis has been a family-owned and operated company providing quality, innovative hair tools and products for barbers, stylists, and groomers around the world. The fourth generation of family ownership, siblings Matt and Laura Andis wanted to leave their mark on the brand and modernize the Andis experience by standing for more. The brief was complex but exciting: Drive growth within the brand’s high-value segments, defend against both legacy and emergent brands, and strengthen loyalty with their customer base.

We repositioned Andis as a lifestyle brand and put their brand belief—that creativity makes the world a better place—at the heart. We reimagined every aspect of the customer experience to fit with the new beliefs defining the brand, from establishing the brand identity to creating an authentic communications strategy to implementing that into the product portfolio and package design. This in turn created a brand experience that not only transformed the business but also rebuilt the culture of the company.

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Brand Strategy


Front and center of the brand’s new positioning and look is the empowered creator. Andis has always been a passionate advocate for the creatives and visionaries in the world. So we repositioned Andis from a clipper and trimmer company to an organization that stands for creative empowerment, giving people the inspiration to Create Your Way.

Brand Identity


When we started to design the Andis logo, we began with the community of creators that the industry is built on. We constructed a framework of connected triangles, representing these creators and the endless possibilities for creative expression and customization. Together the abstract A icon points upward, a visual call to action to Create Your Way. We paired the icon with a custom wordmark built on the strong foundation of the logo. The wordmark was designed to bring power, strength, and modernity to the Andis name and pay homage to the 100-year legacy of innovation and manufacturing.

To complement the logo and wordmark, BLVR® created an art direction that was expressive, artistic, and genuine. We began with a primary color palette of black and white—timeless and modern, these colors anchored the brand. From there, a large family of secondary colors was strategically used in a color blocking technique to bring energy and expression to the brand. Typography continued the theme of expressionism through a custom typeface that used crafted letterforms to pay homage to the angular precision of Andis clippers and trimmers.



BLVR® wanted to disrupt the status quo by creating a photo library that celebrated the creativity within. We collaborated with a range of creators to capture moments of freedom, movement, and expression.

Brand Experience


The professional packaging was a tribute to the professionals’ commitment to their craft. The packaging featured dramatic and heroic product renderings on a rich charcoal gray, premium materials and print techniques, and an elevated unboxing experience, which communicated premiumization and exclusivity. The DIY packaging featured energetic and fresh product renderings, encouraging consumers to pick them up. The entirety of the brand’s color palette was utilized through full floods of color to capture the attention of potential customers and encourage creative expression.

All packaging utilized a consistent, systematic approach to type hierarchy, brand messaging, and iconography to add clarity to the consumer’s shopping experience and aid in consumer education. Finally, a unique unboxing experience to focus on brand story and drive brand loyalty and consumer engagement.

Additionally, all new packaging was created with sustainable materials and produced in the USA, greatly reducing Andis’ environment footprint.

Website Design


We wanted to give the website a fresh cut by creating a web experience that didn’t just push products but pushed boundaries. We implemented the new brand identity and took a bold approach to stand out from the crowd. With eye-catching typography, custom photos, and animated brand elements, we gave Andis a finely tuned e-commerce experience for both desktop and mobile.



Advertising in the beauty grooming category has historically been beholden to the old adage of communicating product benefits to consumers. Create Your Way is a rallying cry for those who believe in the power of originality and expression. It inspires creators to shape the world on their own terms.

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