Healthcare Company Branding Case Study | Rebrand




Founded over 35 years ago, CliniComp began as a one-man operation to optimize medical information systems and improve the clinical charting process in hospitals. Over the next several decades, CliniComp built their status as one of the world’s leading electronic health records (EHR) providers, with a special focus on serving government clients. CliniComp came to BLVR with a unique challenge. The company wanted to branch out to serve new types of customers, but as well known as they were in the government sector, they were relatively unheard of in the private sector.

Brand strategy - research and persona creation


We first engaged in a series of in-depth stakeholder interviews to pinpoint CliniComp’s underlying beliefs about the world, their short term and long-term goals, and the challenges they needed to overcome to achieve success. We found a company with a tremendous culture, intent on delivering valuable technology to the world of healthcare, but one that was having problems conveying their brand story to a new group of customers. Our subsequent interviews with current customers gave us valuable insight into their perceptions and experiences with CliniComp, most of which centered around their commitment to act as a trusted partner and problem-solver. Finally, we conducted a series of focus groups with prospective customers in the private sector, spanning clinical, financial, and technical decision-makers. While there were important nuances across the three groups, the common theme was a frustration with the current EHR options and a desire for more reliability, flexibility, and a true partner that made their lives easier.

Brand Strategy - Brand Positioning


Brand identity - logo


CliniComp had historically used a simple wordmark that didn’t convey much meaning beyond the brand name. When it came to reimagining the logo, we wanted something that would bring to life our underlying belief in the unity between technology and humanity. We designed an instantly recognizable icon that paid homage to their name via a distinct “C” shape, but also introduced subtle visual nods to an eye (representing humanity) and a rotation-like motion (representing the concept of being powered by technology). The resulting logo was sleek, modern, and full of meaning.

Brand identity - visual identity


With our distinctive brand icon in place, we turned our attention to building out an equally disruptive art direction. The CliniComp color system is designed to be bright, diverse, and inviting, and the primary orange color clearly differentiated the brand from the traditional blues and greens of the healthcare category. To further breathe new life into the brand, we selected a modern new typeface, Beatrice, which communicates approachability, humanness, and fluidity, all of which mirror the brand’s guiding core values. At a broader level, the art direction takes cues from the beauty of nature as well as geometric shapes, while always bringing it back to the human element.



As one of the most important sales tools at their disposal, the CliniComp website needed to be completely redesigned, not only to reflect the new visual brand identity but also to produce a more customer-friendly experience. We created an easy-to-navigate site structure that naturally drives conversions via a clear call to action. We stripped back long blocks of jargon-filled copy and removed category-generic stock images in favor of bold headlines, impactful imagery, and captivating uses of our new brand icon. We emphasized the humanity behind the brand, without sacrificing the credibility that comes with years of expertise and innovation in the category.

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