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Luxury golf bag company brand development case study
Luxury golf bag company brand development case study

“BLVR took my idea for a new brand and transformed it beyond my wildest imagination. I couldn’t be more pleased with what they’ve helped Vessel accomplish.”

— Ronnie Shaw, Founder & CEO



Zonson is the world’s leading golf bag manufacturing company, producing products for global brands like Nike, TaylorMade, Titleist, and Callaway, to name a few. They had dominated the market—in fact, eight out of every 10 PGA players seen on television carried a Zonson-made bag. To drive meaningful growth, Zonson decided to diversify by going direct to consumers with a lifestyle-driven brand. They identified the U.S. as the market with the strongest potential and tapped BLVR to create a lifestyle-oriented retail powerhouse from the ground up.

  • 11th

    11th fastest-growing business in SD – San Diego Business Journal, 2019/2020

  • 178%

    178% YOY Traffic Increase

  • 100K

    100,000 Backpacks Donated

Brand Positioning


Audience segmentation identified an underserved segment of socially conscious shoppers who sought out brands with like-minded values. They expected the products they bought to help with important social issues while still being high quality and chic. With this in mind, we developed a brand strategy that positioned Vessel as agents of love, hope, and change. The brand positioning was centered around the belief of being “filled with purpose.” We backed that up by creating a philanthropic model in which, for every bag purchased, Vessel gave a school backpack to a child in need. This engaged customers to join Vessel in making a difference in the world.



A good brand name should communicate the overall brand strategy and, if you are lucky, the product differentiator. We were able to achieve both by christening the brand under the name Vessel—a play on the product being a vessel for your items, as well as the consumer being a vessel of love and hope.

Brand Identity


We created a new brand identity that not only reflected the sleek and sophisticated design of the products, but upped the cool factor in a way that would connect with a millennial crowd. While the icon conveys a V for Vessel, it also itself becomes a vessel—a container to carry treasure and purpose from one destination to another. It can also be seen as two hands raised in exaltation and triumph with blessings flowing in and out, an apt metaphor for a brand committed to giving back. The wide extended typography of the logo was inspired by luxury and sports brands and fits comfortably in those spaces. With a comprehensive product range we needed to create a visual system that could give a distinct look to each collection within the portfolio. So we created extensive style guidelines for each tier of product. From casting to locations to styling, we ensured each range had a distinct story to tell.

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