Bethany Hamilton:
Building a modern day empire for one of surfing's most beloved figures

Scope of work:
  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Story

  • Brand Identity

  • Copywriting

  • Website Design

  • Website Development

  • Photography

  • Videography

“In early 2018, we formed a partnership with BLVR to re-imagine the Bethany Hamilton brand. This has been a wide ranging effort that has included everything from brand strategy, to defining our hero (i.e., customer), to figuring out our voice, to maturing the brand visuals. We continue to work with their talented team and hope to do so for years to come.”

—Deyl Kearin / CEO, Bethany Hamilton/Soul Surfer


Bethany Hamilton is a professional surfer, New York Times bestselling author, Surfers’ Hall of Fame inductee, and mother of two. Yet the American public only thought of her as the infamous 13-year-old shark attack victim. She needed her brand to grow up, attract a broader audience, and open up new financial revenue streams.



In-depth data analysis and consumer focus groups confirmed Bethany’s core audience of young women was, like her, at a crossroads. They were making the transition from teenager to adult. Life was busy, fulfilling but stressful, and they were afraid of not living up to who they were meant to be.



Bethany already had an incredible story to tell — we now needed to pivot her brand image. We positioned her as a modern day role model for how to live an unstoppable, joy-filled life and not let obstacles get in the way. From there, we built a business model of high quality content, a premium website experience, and a range of new products and services to monetize Bethany’s personal brand. Finally, we modernized her visual brand to appeal to a new generation of savvy millennials, and created a mobile-first digital experience that drove engagement and conversions.



–   50% increase in website traffic

–   10x increase in social shares


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