Expanding a B2B golf staple into a cause-based lifestyle brand

Scope of work:
  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Story

  • Naming

  • Brand Identity

  • Copywriting

  • Collateral Design

  • Website Design

  • Website Development

  • Photography

"BLVR took my idea for a new brand and transformed it beyond my wildest imagination. I couldn’t be more pleased with what they’ve helped Vessel accomplish."

Ronnie Shaw
Founder/CEO, Vessel Bags


B2B brand Zonson dominated the custom golf bag market in the professional golf world, but to drive meaningful growth, the brand needed to expand into the B2C market with a new range of lifestyle bags. Owner Ronnie Shaw came to BLVR with the task of creating a lifestyle-oriented retail powerhouse from the ground up.


Audience segmentation identified a new socially-conscious audience who sought out brands with like-minded values. They wanted high quality items but also expected the products they bought to help with important social issues.


Vessel’s brand belief was simple — to make great bags and to share their blessings with others. To build on this, we developed a brand strategy around being filled with purpose. We created an evocative new name, Vessel — a play on the product being a vessel for your items, as well as the consumer being a vessel of love and hope. We established a philanthropic business model in which, for every bag purchased, Vessel gave a school backpack to a child in need. Finally, we created a new brand identity that not only reflected the sleek and sophisticated design of the products, but upped the cool factor in a way that would connect with a millennial crowd.


– 100% sales increase year on year

– 50% increase in web traffic year on year

– 40,103 bags donated

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