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Top independent award-winning branding agency BLVR is honored with an Award of Excellence from the CommArts 2022 Advertising Annual.

BLVR wins a prestigious 2022 CA advertising annual award of excellence

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November 8, 2022

Top independent award-winning branding agency BLVR has been tapped for an illustrious Award of Excellence from the CommArts 2022 Advertising Annual. The award honors the Andis Creator Series, an iconic collaboration between BLVR, Andis, and the Compton Cowboys.

The long-format social media campaign highlights stories that champion unique individuals and their impact on culture. For the award-winning volume one, BLVR traveled to Compton, California. They showcased how the equestrian group Compton Cowboys inspires others to create their own way. Through rich storytelling, the content demonstrates how creativity and self-expression can make the world a better place, inspiring others to Create Your Way.

Austin Lane, Executive Creative Director of BLVR, says, “This award win is special. Embracing true storytelling to educate and inspire is quite powerful. You can’t get much purer than that. It’s an honor to be recognized by CommArts for our creative work. I’m most proud of how the BLVR and Andis teams prepared and executed the project. The heart that went into every little detail and the commitment to never settling was inspiring.”

He continues by saying, “With Andis being a brand that is rooted in originality, community, and creativity, it was important to embrace others that live out the same core values. The Compton Cowboys are emblematic of everything the Andis brand strives for. They have an essence and aesthetic all their own. Beyond that, their commitment to uplifting the community through their youth equestrian programs resonated deeply with Andis, and it just made for the perfect collaboration.”

If you would like more information about BLVR’s Award of Excellence in the CommArts 2022 Advertising Annual please call Mikayla Leier at (602) 6864440, or email [email protected]

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