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Partnership Testimonials

“BLVR is a world-class agency with an extremely experienced and talented team, with a start-up mentality, that keeps the process simple and agile. It was a thorough process from the first meeting through the completion of the project but always felt like we had the support of everyone on their team throughout the entire time. As a brand that had been around for a couple of years before engaging with any brand agency, we wanted a balance of being challenged to push the brand further but also respect for our foundation that just needed some refinement. Couple that with our budget requests and high expectations, and this project was going to be a challenge for any size agency.

We got all of it with the BLVR team that listened, spoke up, and took initiative at all the right times. The team was prepared, in sync, and always on the same page as the process moved along, and in-person meetings became big milestones. The results helped drive clarity and synergy internally amongst our teams and created a seamless Brand transition forward for our customers.”

– TIM SANTYE, President, Legends

“I came to the BLVR team with a long-winded and scattered collection of thoughts on what I envisioned for Rookline. While the core ideas were largely present, they required substantial refinement. The team at BLVR excelled in distilling my initial concepts, providing honest input on any gaps, and ultimately guiding us to develop a comprehensive brand ethos and a cohesive set of guidelines that I am proud to go to market with.”

– MATT DOWLING, Founder, Rookline

“BLVR® took my idea for a new brand and transformed it beyond my wildest imagination. I couldn’t be more pleased with what they’ve helped Vessel accomplish.”

– RONNIE SHAW, CEO & Founder, Vessel

“BLVR® brought the brand’s vision to life while also preserving its authenticity. They’re visionaries who implement their creative skills and industry expertise. Seamless collaboration is a hallmark of their work.”

– THUY VI VU, Founder & CEO, Joywell Hotel

“We were searching for an authentic company that would understand the heart of what we were trying to create. BLVR® hit it out of the ballpark.”


“We are energized by the change and I can’t wait to see the impact we will make with the brand as we grow awareness. Thank you to the great BLVR® team – we worked hard together to get to this point. It is such a proud moment to enjoy. You have created a truly beautiful new face for our company and we thank you so much.”

– RITA HAUDENSCHILD, Vice President, Clinicomp

“BLVR® has been a valued partner to ISLE. They have really challenged us through an organized process to figure out our Brand Belief. As the new branding has rolled out through our various communication channels, ISLE continues to be cemented as the SUP brand of choice. This is resulting in higher conversion rates and a deeper long-term relationship with our customer.”


“What I found most impressive was BLVR®’s ability to focus on a comprehensive brand strategy and positioning, not just design work. They aligned closely with the workflows of our team and adapted well to resource constraints.”

– ANGIE VLASATY PETERSON, VP of Marketing, Andis