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Andis Creator Series

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“The streets of Compton can get hectic, man, but the horses gave us sanctity. They gave us a safe space.”

– Randy Savvy, Compton Cowboys Managing Member



There’s a lot to be said for the Compton Cowboys. They’re changing the community of Compton, building their legacy, writing their story, and inspiring others to do the same. Their message and personal mission are what sparked the idea of Andis, BLVR, and the Compton Cowboys all coming together to tell a Creator Series story that helped show the true Compton.

Changing the game


BLVR set out on a mission to capture the most authentic story possible. We talked with the Cowboys about the misconceptions that have surrounded their home, how creativity influences them, and their own personal relationship with Andis products. They’re working hard to change the game; we wanted to work just as hard to shine a true spotlight on them as they do it.

“When you create an emotional connection for your audience, that’s how you create lifelong fans. That’s a win.”

– Haley Arenson, Executive Producer

Richland Farms


“We’re changing the trajectory of our community just by having the ranch.”

– Randy Savvy, Compton Cowboys Managing Member

The Impact


Part of the BLVR mission for the Andis Creator Series was to create a well-rounded and all-encompassing campaign. We wanted to ensure every road was leading to the same destination of Richland Farms. We brought this to life through digital and social activations.

The Creativity of Style


“The way we ride is how we express ourselves. Creativity is absolutely essential.”

– Randy Savvy, Compton Cowboys Managing Member



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