Join us in taking a stand against sexual misconduct in the workplace

“45% of women say they have been sexually harassed at work, which translates to about 33.6 million women in the US.”


Spurred by the host of recent headlines of sexual assault scandals, longterm BLVR client, Matt Pipkin founder of Speak Your Silence, shared his vision to create a new, higher standard for businesses. He wanted to give organizations the opportunity to make a public promise to proactively stand against sexual misconduct in the workplace, a creed of excellence in behavior. Matt observed that while the incidents in the headlines were deeply personal, filled with pain and often a desire to keep them private, they overwhelmingly took place in public places, most often in the workplace. And there was no known solution.

We instantly fell in love with the idea of giving organizations the opportunity to operate by a higher standard of behavior and came alongside Matt as a strategic partner to help launch WeVow.

WeVow is a membership-based product for businesses that want to build a culture of safety, trust and zero tolerance for sexual misconduct in their workplace. A business’s membership symbolizes its public promise to live by a higher standard. Members add the WeVow seal to their websites, post it within their workplace, and make it visible to employees and customers. WeVow includes an Incident Reporting Platform for safe reporting, wellness counseling for those affected, and comprehensive resources on sexual misconduct. The first product of its kind, WeVow is going live this September.

Sexual misconduct is (unfortunately) nothing new, but the arrival of WeVow is timely in the sense that though it was needed decades ago, it is a new resource available to organizations that are willing to do the right thing and take a stand. #metoo exposed a problem that has existed for far longer than those who bravely gave voice to it, and we see WeVow as the next step to bolster this movement, offering companies a way to live by a higher standard, offering a culture of safety, trust, and empowerment to every single employee.

When we think about WeVow and our partnership in its inception, production, and pending launch, we are beyond proud. BLVR has invested time, talents, and treasure because not only do we believe this product will be successful, we believe that WeVow is necessary. It is a disgrace that many companies tolerate, and sometimes foster a sexually predatory environment, and it needs to stop immediately. WeVow is a large step in the right direction.

WeVow is not just a nice PR bump. It isn’t just a reporting platform for victims. WeVow is an agent of cultural change in the workplace and beyond. We believe that launching WeVow will be a pivotal moment in that it will call companies to live by a higher standard, champion those that do so and shine a light on those that have been operating in the shadows for too long.

“With two daughters, I don’t want them to ever worry about being sexually assaulted at their school, work, or anywhere else for that matter. One step I can take as CEO of BLVR is to ensure that we provide a positive work environment and build a culture of safety and trust for every person on our team. I hope BLVR’s vow to stand up against sexual misconduct in the workplace will inspire other organizations to join us by doing the right thing!”

—Scott Hancock, CEO at BLVR

Not only is BLVR a strategic partner in WeVow; we are also the very first WeVow Charter Member. Will you join us? Will you commit to building a culture of safety? Will you offer zero tolerance for sexual misconduct in your workplace? Will you vow to live by a higher standard? Even one instance of sexual misconduct is one too many. Become part of the solution, reject the status quo, and embrace a new, better normal. Join us and become a WeVow Member today.