Getting Back to the Strategic Seat

Getting Back to the Strategic Seat, feat. Lenya McGrath

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November 30, 2023

Have you ever left a client meeting frustrated, feeling like you’ve lost that strategic seat at the table? On this episode of Sell With Authority, we dive deep into this issue with two incredible guests who have not only faced this challenge head-on – but have also successfully overcome it.

Joining us is Lenya McGrath, the Executive Director of Business Development for BLVR, a company dedicated to helping wellness brands turn belief into behaviors that drive meaningful growth. Lenya and her team not only built a methodology to redefine their role beyond being seen as just a branding agency but also quantified their impact with metrics, including the innovative concept of “Return on Belief.”

But that’s not all – we’ve also brought in our very own Mad scientist and strategist here at Predictive, Hannah Roth. She shares the unique perspective she gained from working in the trenches daily with our clients, helping them reclaim that strategic seat at the table.

Our guests today guide you through the process of not just embracing the challenges – but turning them into opportunities.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why the first step to getting back the strategic seat at your client’s table is to lean into their pain points
  • Why BLVR runs towards the numbers when most agencies run away from them
  • Why Lenya and her team at BLVR decided to build out their point of differentiation around belief and methodology
  • How Lenya defines the Say-Do Gap
  • Actionable tips for a business or brand to effectively close the Say-Do Gap

Source: Selling with Authority Podcast – Spotify

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