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The Heart of Brand Success: Introduction

Does Your Organization Have a Strong Brand?

Welcome to this introduction to a three-part series on The Heart of Brand Success. Over the next three weeks, we’ll delve into the importance of making Brand Belief, walking the talk through Brand Behavior, and the magic of creating loyal Brand Believers.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s to come … When thinking about building your brand, it’s easy to focus on things like a logo, website, and the products or services that you sell. While these are essential elements of any great brand, real brand success comes from having clarity around your guiding Brand Beliefs and bringing those beliefs to life through Brand Behaviors that have the power to convert customers into dedicated Brand Believers (evangelists).

Part 1: Brand Belief

“Our research shows that a fundamental element of all great companies is a core ideology — core values and a sense of purpose beyond just making money.”

—Jim Collins, “Good To Great”

The most effective branding occurs when businesses represent something bigger, something we find admirable, something that changes lives. Brand Belief is your organizations take on the world—its view of what would make the world a little better and how your brand will achieve it. Brand Belief is the collection of philosophies and ideals that drive your company; they make up your WHY, your reason for existing. When your brand possesses strong core values and holds a view of the world that is inspiring, you give your customers a reason to adopt your brand’s belief. Why is this important? Because when your brand represents a higher purpose, you offer ideas and philosophies your customers want to call their own—Your brand becomes their brand and your brand beliefs become their beliefs.

Part 2: Brand Behavior

“The essence of a strategy is not the structure of a companies products and markets, but the dynamics of its behavior.”

—George Stalk

Brand Belief is a good start, but in and of itself isn’t enough. Your brand must demonstrate a dedication to its stated beliefs through Brand Behaviors. The actions by which your company is known must align with the things you claim to believe. When your behaviors don’t reinforce your beliefs, your brand doesn’t walk the talk and you give others a reason to doubt, a reason to not trust you. Nothing is more devastating to a business than preaching a message that isn’t backed up by action. When the behavior of your organization reinforce your beliefs, something powerful happens, you create Brand Believers.

Part 3: Brand Believers

“Word of mouth is the best medium of all.”

—Bill Bernbach

When the beliefs and behaviors of your company are in sync, customers want to adopt the identity you have created, they want to be known as a member of your tribe. They tweet about you because they want to be recognized as a fan of your brand. They become walking commercials for your products because they believe in what your products represent. When you effectively execute Brand Belief through authentic Brand Behaviors, you create loyal Brand Believers and growth.

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