Enhancing brand affinity with a broader audience for a growing church

Scope of work:
  • Brand Identity

  • Collateral Design

  • UX Strategy

  • Website Design

  • Website Development

“While the excellent work speaks for itself, they also have integrity and an authenticity about customer relations. They care about us and are passionate about our mission and success.”

— Brian Burton, Creative Director, Keystone Church


Keystone is a large evangelical church in Keller, Texas, that came to BLVR with a perception issue. Research revealed they were thought of a ‘seeker-friendly’ organization when in fact they could also cater to a ‘Bible-based’ audience looking for a deeper level of faith.


The organization is built around a mission to help bring life by leading people to the life-giver Himself, Jesus Christ. We knew this greater purpose would resonate with a broad audience if we communicated it in the appropriate way.


It was important for the brand story and design to build on each other, so we made sure everything was grounded in the central idea of bringing life. We created a modern, sophisticated Keystone wordmark that used a broken “O” to symbolize breaking chains and living an unlocked life. This visual mnemonic became a powerful branding device across the entire customer journey — from signage, brand materials, gospel teachings, merchandise, and much more.

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