Futures is one of the top fin brands within the surf industry. After dominating the fin market in brick and mortar establishments for 20 years as well as garnering the support of shapers and pro surfers alike, the brand seized the opportunity to drive more brand awareness and sales by launching their first eCommerce site with BLVR.

How do you enhance the heartbeat of a brand like Futures to drive deeper connections with their audience on the web and beyond?



Together, with the Futures team, we began our brand development by diving headfirst into the fins category. Through workshops, focus groups, and store visits, we discovered that customers are heavily influenced by recommendations from third-party influencers such as pro riders, shapers, and surf store associates. While these influencers are very confident about recommending Futures, they weren’t sharing the full brand story. Secondly, we learned that customers weren’t understanding the key brand differentiator: Futures’ Ride Numbers System.

We collaborated with Futures to create a new position. Putting the customer first, we built a story around its innovation, craftsmanship, and reputation in the surfing community.



Our next step was to take greater control of the brand and sales by creating a deeper digital experience. We built three key Futures personas: shapers, retailers, and surfers. Then, through an intensive UI/UX design process, we developed a rich, detailed experience that brought Futures to life as the fin brand sitting firmly at the crossroads of technology and stoke.

Our team placed a heavy focus on content, telling the brand story throughout every interactive touch point. Fresh, consistent content allowed the brand to communicate effectively about everything from product releases to customer highlights and company culture with the primary stakeholders.

We developed a new customer journey that allowed customers to navigate and locate the product that suited their unique needs, educated them on the innovative Ride Number System, and differentiated Futures from its competitors.


In conclusion

The new branded platform unifies all elements of the Futures story while offering surfers a focused online buying experience for the first time ever.