branding a self-storage giant

With over 50+ years of combined experience, The LeClaire Group knows what they’re doing. In fact, they are specialists. Their goal? To create and preserve wealth for each of their clients, and they’ve done this 582 times in 31 states, totaling $3B in total transactions. Their clients range from national institutions like Wells Fargo and General Electric, to local mom-and-pop operations. So what’s their problem? They want to stand out even further above the many other self storage brokers and walk away with the deal…every time.

Brand Development

Brand identity

“We want to make sure our brand is welcoming to both ends of the spectrum—professional & crisp for the institutionals, and approachable & genuine for the mom-and-pop owners.”
That was our task from The LeClaire Group, and it wasn’t a simplistic one. Add in the multitude of competitors and we knew we had our research cut out for us. After extensive competitive analysis and internal review, we had our direction and we were running with it. With no equity worth retaining from their old mark, BLVR had the freedom to take an entirely new approach, and The LeClaire Group loved it so much that they approved it on the spot during the presentation.

  • The team at BLVR provided us with such a great end product, but it was how they skillfully managed the entire process that impressed me the most. They did a heck of a job balancing our team's need for control and high level of detail, yet they knew when to figuratively kick us out of the room so that they could create top notch branding for us.

    — Gina Schlosser, Director of Operations

Website Design + Development

a website that stands
above the rest

Visit ten self storage broker websites and you almost wouldn’t be able to tell them apart, aside from the slightly differentiated logo in the navigation. Same short homepage, bland art direction and boring messaging. We knew we had to take a different approach in order to set The LeClaire Group above the rest, so our UX Specialist and Lead UI Designer set to work. What we delivered was an approachable, yet highly professional, web presence that appeals to The LeClaire Group’s broad spectrums of clients.

  • "The new website quickly attracted more visitors and yielded better user metrics than its older version. BLVR excelled in project management and took ownership of the process. The team was responsive and highly professional."

in conclusion

Months later, the data tells the story best, with far more visitors and conversions than they ever experienced with their previous identity and website. The LeClaire Group has the foundation laid for many years of growth and is now able to more passionately and effectively serve their clients as America’s leading self storage advisory team.


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