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Elevating a San Diego Icon

Established in 1923, Liberty Station is San Diego’s town square, offering a thoughtful mix of shops, dining, and entertaining experiences—a place where people can collect memories and enjoy their community. Liberty Station is a gathering place for artisans, connoisseurs, friends, and families to connect and be inspired. In an effort to generate new foot traffic, BLVR developed an immersive brand story and website that engaged audiences in relevant ways – impacting ROI and overall property development.

Brand Development


Through a process of research, location visits, and workshops, we identified people needed gathering places more than ever. In this age of greater mobility and the rise of digital communication, people were feeling more detached than ever before. We knew that to build a community, we needed a common place to connect us to the places we live in as well as to each other.

BLVR developed a brand story that positioned Liberty Station as San Diego’s town square—a hub that transformed a large city into a village. Liberty Station wasn’t just a row of shops and restaurants; it was a place where people could belong, and shared experiences would become memorable moments. This became the foundation to build an immersive website experience that reflected the offline experience.

Website Design + Development

An Explorative Information Architecture

Our aim was to turn the website into a hub for exploration. As such, the information architecture had to deliver every opportunity for adventure and discovery. We developed a primary navigation that enabled simple and engaging user journeys. Customers could access the directory and then choose to explore via categories such as Food, Arts & Culture, Hotels, or Office. Or they could choose to explore via location-based districts that housed an amazing array of local tenants and artisans across the 361-acre property.

As a secondary navigation, we created a content-based hub that provided a more “snackable” way for users to immerse themselves in the Liberty Station community. Captivating visuals and easy-to-navigate tags made it intuitive to sort through stories and go deeper into the site. As users clicked into content, they were also served information about relevant events and purveyors within the neighborhood for further exploration.

A lifestyle-inspired design

The experience of Liberty Station is second to none. We elevated the web design to utilize a lifestyle approach that could be compared with creative magazines, websites, and popular social media that our audience was already consuming.

Creative, emotive visuals were featured throughout the site to shine a light on the eateries, shops, and art and health studios that make Liberty Station amazing. Particular focus was placed on highlighting historical landmarks, the craftsmanship of food and wine artisans, and unique community gatherings that make Liberty Station such a rare local treasure.

  • "A city is not gauged by its length and width, but by the broadness of its vision and the height of its dreams."

    — Herb Caen

Strong Calls to Action

To ensure the web experience was holistic, we developed clear calls to action that encouraged users to explore more throughout the user journey. We also utilized geolocation maps, click-to-connect contact information, and directions to ensure consumers could connect with tenants.


To enliven visitors’ ability to explore Liberty Station, BLVR created a web app that offers users a historical walking and audio tour. The web app features audio for each of Liberty Station’s districts as well as a walking map with directions and images of each stop.


In conclusion

After the debut of the Liberty Station website, San Diego tourists and locals filled the town square’s shops and restaurants. The new site quadrupled its daily visitors, repeat traffic increased significantly, and more than 200 businesses were mobilized to promote their brand stories to the world.


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